What are the Best Android Phones Today?


If you’re an avid Android user and you’re looking to find the next Android phone to upgrade to, we can help. We’ve scouted the market, done our research and compared the best phones running on Android for 2015. Here’s a list to help you make a sound decision:

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung has hit gold when they created the Samsung Galaxy S6. Sporting an all-new sleek design, the latest Galaxy offering continues to be a star in the mobile phone industry. The phone runs n Android 5 featuring a 5.1-inch screen with super resolution and an impressive performance all in all.

HTC One M9

It’s not just something that has hit the jackpot. After the must talked about success of the HTC One M8, the brand followed it up with the HTC One M9. Though not as successful as the Galaxy S6, the phone can still hold its own. It features a 5-inch screen running on Android 5 featuring an impressive 20.7MP camera. With its sleek look, the phone is one of the best Androids around in terms of design.


Opting for a distinctive look, the LG G4 is a quick stand out for its design featuring a leatherback and a 5.5-inch screen. It’s running on Android 5.1. But the best part about the new LG G4 is undeniably is camera. It features a 16MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera.

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

Catering to customers who prefer a more compact handset than the larger phablet-sized options, Sony has the best Android phone for you. It’s the Xperia Z3 but the compact version. The phone features a 4.6-inch screen running on Android 5. Though smaller in size, the handy phone is packed with features that you’ll just love as an Android user.

Google Nexus 6

Not to be left behind, Google also has its best Android offering called the Nexus 6. Of the options in the list, this one has the biggest screen at 5.96-inch. It runs on Android 5 featuring a set of impressive features that promise better performance all in all.

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