5 Things to Look Out For When Looking for a Phone Contract

Young woman using smart phone on bridge.

Finding the right phone is more than just choosing the brand or model. It’s more than Apple versus Samsung or compact versus phablet. If you’re applying for a phone contract and you don’t want to get bled out financially by your carrier, it pays to do some research. There are different ways major carriers can gouge us. Knowing these ways can help you make a better decision. Below are some of them.

Text Messages Cost

Did you know that your text messages may have a markup of 6,500% or more? You may think that opting for the unlimited text plan may save you money but that isn’t always the case for everyone. In fact, you may be better off choosing the limited plan then downloading apps that let you send free text messages. Yes, it’s less convenient but a bit of planning is all you need to save some extra cash.

Long contract terms

Most carriers have long contract terms. The typical option in the UK is 24 months. Some may offer up to 36 months. When you’re hooked to a lengthy contract, there are hefty cancellation fees. If you applied for a high-end handset then it will be harder to switch to a new contract if you wanted to. Upgrading to a better contract may also entail associated fees. If you can apply for a cheaper phone then that may be a good ideal especially if you want to upgrade to a better phone soon.

Hidden Fees

Other than the monthly fee you’re paying for your phone contract, carriers make even more money by adding hidden fees and charges to your bill. In most cases, you may not even notice it unless you are diligently checking every detail of your phone contract bill. A few cents may not be much for now but it adds up over time. To ensure that you’re not getting bled out with hidden fees, take time to read the small print.

Tethering Fees

If you’re thinking of using your phone’s tethering feature, you might want to think twice about it first. They may be additional fee if you’re going to use mobile data on your laptop and other mobile devices. You may download apps that allow third party tethering but you still need to be careful in any case.

Roaming fees

If you’re the type who always travels abroad, checking your carrier’s roaming fees is very important. If you’ve ever read news of people racking up bills in the tune of several sterling pounds, you’d better pay attention. Call customer service or read the fine print and ask about these fees to avoid a hefty phone bill.

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